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FREE AGE OF HISTORY II APK Download (Version 1.01586_ELA)

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App Information

App Name: Age of History 2

Publisher: Lukasz Jakowski Games

Genre: Strategy

Size: 140MBs

Latest Version: v1.01586_ELA for android

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Possessing a nature of leader means you’re driven and attracted towards opportunities where you can actually rule and control civilizations and countries. If not possible in reality, you can make it possible through downloading Age of History 2 APK.

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This game has provided you with possibilities which are limited in real life. Like ruling each and everything inside your country from imposing taxes, to making armies, deciding your relations with other countries, and the most interesting of all is that you’re not just limited to your country. If you can develop good political strategies, you can conquer the whole world.

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age of history 2 free apk

Own Kingdom and Rule the World

In this game, players are assigned to fight the enemies on the map, protect their land, and expand territories under the control of state administration. Among many other interesting features, you’ll have to plan strategic policies, control your military and take decisions against other countries.

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Game ScreenShots

Different time periods and Historical events

There have been so many historical events that have occurred throughout the planet from day one. The Age of History 2 APK provides you options to travel back in time. You have to select the scenarios and recreate all the alliances and events that occurred.

Also, complete tasks which are to make events happen which happened in reality back in the time. This is how you can experience history in the free version of Age of History 2 Game.

age of history 2 apk


A popular strategy game, Age of History 2 APK has a unique and beginner-friendly gameplay. You have to start with control over a single country, the choice of which is up to you. It can be any country from the real world map. The country will have minimum resources at the start, on which you’ll have all the control. But, these resources need to be utilized in a strategic and planned way so that your country’s economy can function properly. 

The resources your country possesses will be depending on which specific country you selected. Different countries have different resources like natural resources which include metals, minerals, and natural oils. Some countries have agricultural resources due to their land possession. Some countries have military resources like strong armies and allies with strong military countries. As said before, you have the control over your resources and this control allows you to make plans and strategies to conquer the world in AOH 2.

Primary Objective

Your primary objectives in the game are to expand your territory by using your army and military tactics, or by negotiating with your enemy states by signing up to peace treaties and agreements. You’ll have to keep an eye on your economic growth continuously because there is a correlation between your people’s satisfaction and your state’s progress in the game. 

age of history 2 gameplay

Technological advancement can help you progress in all the objectives discussed above. Technological improvements can cause improved armies, value added economy, and an overall competitive edge in the world map.

I have briefly touched the part where we discovered that your enemy countries have allies with other nations. The good news is that you can also involve your state in diplomatic relations. These relations include formation of alliances with kingdoms, peace treaties with other empires, making agreements with greenbelt for peace throughout the continent etc. 

Interesting Features of Age of History 2 APK

  • World map with great accuracy and historical details.
  • Various governments and populations.
  • Revolutions, riots, and rebels.
  • You can take loans to build your economy and grow your military.
  • You can fund the revolts in your enemy country to weaken their government.

Age of History 2 Maps

The Age of History 2 Game is based on a map. This map includes everything present of the real world map, including countries, provinces, borders, and terrains like populated areas, wide landscapes, mountain belts, and oceans. Each country consists of provinces which are bordered from all sides.

The players control these areas. The borders are changed frequently due to diplomatic conditions and conquests. The terrains are basically resources of a country which are utilized by the player during sessions. The uses of these resources are typically to benefit the economic condition of the country, trade and barter, and during conflicts and wars.

Age of History 2 APK Local Multiplayer Mode

You can play this amazing board game on a single device with your friend or anyone who can accompany you using the local multiplayer mode. This feature allows both players to choose different countries to make them the sovereign state in the territory. It makes diverse experiences in game, making it more competitive and interesting to play at the same time.

Remember that both players in the multiplayer can play in favour or against each other. If both players want to make a single powerful state which rules the whole map, then they can engage in activities like making alliances with their states, sharing resources with each other to empower the economies and Militaries. This diplomatic relation can easily benefit both players. Reaching the pinnacle in a single multiplayer session.

Battles and Warfare:

Battle and War Scenarios in Age of History 2 game is one of the most fascinating parts for the players, especially those who are interested in strategy making and leading. A war is the ultimate outcome of conflicts between two empires. But the outcome of war is only determined by how you use your military units and how you invade the enemy’s empire.

If you’re perfect at utilizing your defensive terrains to sustain the military power and invading the weak territory of your enemy state to create panic, you can easily start good. But good progress in the war will require you to have good military equipment supply throughout the war. And if you’re clever enough, you would probably focus on blocking equipment and unit resource supply of your enemy state in the war arena. 

GOVERNMENT TYPES in Age of History 2

AOH2 apk game have various government types, you can choose from which are:

  • Democracy
  • Monarchy
  • Communism
  • Fascism
  • Republic
  • horde
  • city-state.

If you wish to have fast-paced gameplay and need your country to expand faster compared to the other countries, you have to use the horde government type. If you want your country with freedom and civilization, then the democratic government type is best suitable for you. If you love power and want to have a complete hold on your population, then go for the monarchy government type. Are you an extremist? Well, then the game has a fascist government type that will be your favorite to play in.

All these government types have their own pros and cons, so by keeping them in mind, choose your type carefully.

Game Features

World map with great detail and historical landscape.
Use military tactics and politics.
Diverse terrains and population.
Nations and empires from ancient to modern times.
Ability to control economy, population and stability.
Warfare and peace treaties with other nations.
Rebels and revolutions.
Funding revolts in enemy countries.
Several government types to choose from.
Take loans, grow your military and give ultimatums.

Graphics and Sounds

The Age of History 2 APK has a beautiful 2D World Map with details of every empire. The map reflects the details in form of symbols and icons a player requires to play the game. It includes the power of nations, economic conditions, political conditions inside the country, percentage of patriotism in populations etc. The User interface is smooth containing buttons, menus, and alert boxes with a beautiful design. The BG Music and sound effects reflect the real world vibes.

Pros and Cons on Age of History 2 Apk


  • You can Download Age of History 2 APK for Free.
  • You can download it from everywhere.
  • Available on both mobile and PC Devices.
  • You can download 100% secure and virus free APK File from our website.
  • This app is accessible from any country in the world, even though some countries restrict access to specific apps on the Play Store.
  • You don’t have to download a file if you’ve deleted the game and want to reinstall. The APK file will be saved to your device’s file manager. You can easily reinstall the game using the APK file whenever you want.
  • You can roll back to previous versions of the game. The Old versions are also available on our website.


  • The game lacks online multiplayer mode.
  • Small countries with 5k units per tile.
  • Lack of bug fixing system.
  • There seems to be a lack of updates in graphics and new scenarios.
  • You can get an older version of the game installed because you download the APK file from unpopular websites. The files are updated on a daily basis at The Age of History (Our Website

Unique fact about this Game

This game is trending in countries like Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Serbia, Georgia etc. because this game directly connects with people of these countries. These countries or I must say the Eurasia part of the world map has gone through wars and similar scenarios, and there are still wars happening in this area. People of these countries are aware of the conditions and rules of wars, which makes it easy and entertaining for them to control the environment and diplomatic conditions of the area.

Age of History 2 APK is also one of the Most Reviewed games on the play store, with over 30.9 Billion Reviews.

How to install Age of History 2 APK?

⦁ First, press the Age of History 2 download button above to start downloading. Once, the download is complete you can locate the apk file in your phone storage or download menu of your browser.

⦁ Before installing the apk file on your phone, you’ll need to turn on download from unknown sources.

⦁ Go to settings > security > here you’ll find “Unknown sources” press allow installs from unknown sources. This will let your phone install apk files and apps from sources other than google play.

⦁ After you’ve completed these steps locate the apk file in your browser’s download menu or locate it in your phone storage.

⦁ Once you’ve found the apk file, open the file. This will show you the install tab.

⦁ Press “Install”. It’ll take a few moments to install. Once the download is complete, open the game and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Age of History 2 APK

NO, this game doesn’t support multiplayer feature!

Yes, they are the same. Age of History 2 was previously named Age of Civilization 2.


Age of History 2 apk is one of the best and most unique war strategy games with exciting gameplay which provides you with a platform where you play as nations and empires from ancient to modern times.

This game has many interesting features such as making critical choices in diplomacy, and warfare, building relations with other nations, and transforming your nation from a small state/city towards a mighty kingdom. This game helps to keep you engaged at all times.