AGE OF HISTORY 2 APK latest version (1.01586)

age of history 2 apk

AGE OF HISTORY II APK latest version (1.01586)

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App Information

App:Age of History 2
Publisher                  Lukasz Jakowski Games
Genre                        Strategy
Size                          140mb 
Latest version           v1.01586_ELA for android


Age of history 2 APK is a game developed and presented by Lukasz Jakowski based on a strategic genre. Fighting games may seem quite dry and hard to play but AOH II is the only game that represents the world history of humanity and presents the most interesting missions for lovers of the strategic game genre.

This gameplay is admired worldwide, played by dozens of citizens, especially in countries like the USA, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey.

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In this game, players are assigned to fight the enemies on the map, protect their land, and expand territories under the control of state administration. Among many other interesting features, you’ll have to plan strategic policies, control your military and take decisions against other countries.
Own kingdom and rule the world.

To get started, also read How to use the editor and create nations and maps in Age of History 2

Pay a visit back to history

The human race has passed through many historical events. With the change in the world order, every nation has dealt with wars and conflicts since the beginning.

Age of History 2 APK is giving you a ride back to all the historical events that took place in the past, by giving you the charge to take hold and make your own empire.

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Would you like to step into a battlefield or sign a peace treaty? Let’s find out!

Age of History 2 APK GamePlay

  • In Age of history 2 apk, you can choose your controlled state, and set conditions and goals according to your strategy.
  • You can have detailed information about all countries like you can click on a certain territory on the map to see all of its economic and other data.
  • The game system helps you to analyze the military, economic, and trade situations of different countries. This benefits you to quickly navigate the current situation. Weak countries on the map can be attacked for the takeover, while alliances can be made with the strong states accordingly.
  • You are empowered to upgrade your skill line. It means you can adopt the latest weapons to equip your army and earn money to improve the situation of your own country.
  • You have the option to make a custom world map by yourself.
  • To achieve success in the game and to upgrade your level, you don’t have to always get into a war. Instead of fighting you can:
    • Negotiate with other countries.
    • Maintain trade alliances.
    • Create better political coalitions.
  • In a country, rebellions and riots will take place if the government of the country does not develop with time. The ruler will then have to spend resources to suppress the chaos.
  • Once you’re a player, you will be given complete freedom of action which means you can:
  • Plunge into the world of battles with countries.
  • Maintain successful trading.
  • Develop cunning diplomatic strategies.
  • Master the intricacies of competent foreign policy.

Interesting Features of Age of History 2 APK

  • World map with great accuracy and historical details.
  • Various governments and populations.
  • Revolutions, riots, and rebels.
  • You can take loans to build your economy and grow your military.
  • You can fund the revolts in your enemy country to weaken their government.


Technology is a mechanic in the age of history ll APK. It means that you must have to gain technology points in order to build infrastructures in your game, for example, buildings, colonizing provinces, etc.

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Range of technology level:

Each level of technology is numbered. It ranges from 0.01-2.0.

The player must spend some money to perform research in the Economy Interface, and to construct buildings such as libraries, universities, or research labs to increase research progress. When it reaches 100%, your technology level in the game will increase by 0.01, and you’ll receive additional technology points which give advantage on multiple matters.

Pros and Cons on Age of History 2 Apk


  • High-quality graphics and interesting designs.
  • Plenty of room to read the history of countries.
  • Having a fully built-in working editor.
  • Having spectacular accuracy with the borders of the world of 1440, long back when the kingdoms were playing on bigger fish eating the small fish.


  • The game lacks multiplayer functioning.
  • Small countries with 5k units per tile.
  • Lack of bug fixing system.
  • There seems to be a lack of updates in graphics and new scenarios.


This game comes with an elaborate way to have good or bad relations with other neighboring nations. If you want to improve relations with a country you can form federations with them and through that you can grow your economy. It helps alot to have good relations with other nations.
Also, you can fund revolutions in your enemy countries. It may not result in a successful revolution but it will surely decrease the stability of your enemies. But these relations should be chosen carefully because they have a huge effect in overall game.

BUILD YOUR NATION in Age of History 2 APK

Everyone playing wargames wants to win in this game. For that, you’ll have to build a strong nation and to do that you have to build watchtowers, fortresses, ports, farms, armories, libraries, workshops, and supply camps. These are some of the essentials required for any nation to survive.

GOVERNMENT TYPES in Age of History 2 game

AOH2 apk game have various government types, you can choose from which are:

  • Democracy
  • Monarchy
  • Communism
  • Fascism
  • Republic
  • horde
  • city-state.
  • If you wish to have fast-paced gameplay and need your country to expand faster compared to the other countries, you have to use the horde government type.
  • If you want your country with freedom and civilization, then the democratic government type is best suitable for you.
  • If you love power and want to have a complete hold on your population, then go for the monarchy government type.
  • Are you an extremist? Well, then the game has a fascist government type that will be your favorite to play in.

All these government types have their own pros and cons, so by keeping them in mind, choose your type carefully.


⦁ World map with great detail and historical landscape
⦁ Use military tactics and politics
⦁ Diverse terrains and population
⦁ Nations and empires from ancient to modern times
⦁ Ability to control economy, population and stability
⦁ Warfare and peace treaties with other nations
⦁ Rebels and revolutions
⦁ Funding revolts in enemy countries
⦁ Several government types to choose from
⦁ Take loans, grow your military and give ultimatums


how to install age of history 2 apk

⦁ First, press the download button above to start downloading. Once, the download is complete you can locate the apk file in your phone storage or download menu of your browser.
⦁ Before installing the apk file on your phone, you’ll need to turn on download from unknown sources
⦁ Go to settings > security > here you’ll find “Unknown sources” press allow installs from unknown sources. This will let your phone install apk files and apps from sources other than google play
⦁ After you’ve completed these steps locate the apk file in your browser’s download menu or locate it in your phone storage
⦁ Once you’ve found the apk file, open the file. This will show you the install tab.
⦁ Press “Install”. It’ll take a few moments to install. Once the download is complete, open the game and enjoy.


No, this game doesn’t support the multiplayer feature.

Yes, they are the same. Age of history was previously given the name of the age of civilizations.


Age of History 2 apk is one of the best and most unique war strategy games with exciting gameplay which provides you with a platform where you play as nations and empires from ancient to modern times.

This game has many interesting features such as making critical choices in diplomacy, and warfare, building relations with other nations, and transforming your nation from a small state/city towards a mighty kingdom. This game helps to keep you engaged at all times.