AGE OF CIVILIZATION 2 APK Free (V 1.01584 & 1.01415)

Introduction to the game

Age of Civilization 2 APK is a successor to age of History. All of human civilization had different civilizations and empires that tried to overcome each other and gain control. This game features a similar concept where you have an empire and you try using your resources and skills to defeat other empires and civilizations.

Game Features

– Play as any mighty empire of your choice
– Many timelines to choose from
– Unlimited scenarios
– Different government types ranging from monarchy to horde.
– Rebels and revolutions
– Colonization, taxes and income
– Peace treaties and ultimatums
– Detailed system of diplomacy where you get to make deciosions in country’s economics, population and warfare.

Gameplay – Age of Civilization 2 APK

Age of Civilization 2 APK has an interesting concept involving historical scenarios and war strategies. This game has features ranging from your typical warfare to intricate diplomacy. 

In this game you’ll experience peace treaties, ultimatums and making relations with other empires to enhance your chance of winning. 

Age of Civilization 2 APK has a detailed map of the world with historical empires and nations ranging from modern times to ancient times. Make scenarios of your choice and try to see if you’ll survive and win or will you be dominated!

age of civilization 2 apk gameplay

You also get to control your empire’s income, taxes, military camps, economy and population. Colonization is a part of this game, you can colonize places that are available to colonize. 

Technology points can enhance some specific parts of your empire such as; Economy, population, income, military camps, colonization and research. If you want to enhance your overall economy you might be well off spending your technology points in the economy of your empire.

Similarly, if you want a strong military for wars then your best bet is investing your points in military camps. However, you should carefully choose how to spend these points because they have a huge impact on the overall outcome of this game.

How to Install Age of Civilization 2?

To begin with the installation, press the download button above to begin downloading. Once, the download is finished you can find the apk file in your device’s file manager or a notification will pop up that your download in completed.

You can open the file from there.
Prior to installing the APK on your telephone, you’ll have to divert on download from Unknown sources.

Go to settings > security > here you’ll find “Unknown sources” Allow permission to install from unknown sources. This will allow your device to install applications from sources other than google play

After you’ve finished, find the apk in your program’s download menu or find it in your file manager

When you’ve found the apk record, open the document. This will show you the install tab.
Press “Install”. It’ll take a couple of seconds. Once the download is finished, open the game and enjoy your Governance.

Bloody Europe II version

Bloody Europe 2 is a jumbo map based on 4434 provinces, with a large number of early scenarios to the future time. You can gather more army from Occupied areas. This version has more added formable nations and changes in conditions. It also includes new civilizations and flags, with changes in overall color scheme.

A Lot of bugs from previous versions are now fixed and tested before launching this version. There are also changes made to localisations and other parts or inner civilizations. Aggressiveness among you and other neighbour civilizations are increased with a sound percentage of AI aggression of 325%. Overall Artificial intelligence is improved.

Bloody europe 2 apk