AGE OF HISTORY 2 MOD Apk Latest Version

age of history 2 mod apk

Age of History 2 Mod Apk Latest version (1.01584)

Last Update: 2 weeks ago


App NameAge of History 2 Mod Apk
Publisher Lukasz Jakowski Games
Latest version v1.01584_ELA

Intro and Mod features

Age of history 2 is an immersive strategy game which has an extremely detailed and accurate world map. You can make infinite scenarios with the nations and empires of your choice in any timeline you want.

This MOD comes with Unlimited Everything which includes all features unlocked


age of history 2 mod apk gameplay

Age of history 2 has an addictive gameplay where you’ll need to master the controls while also applying military tactics and strategies to overcome other civilizations. It’s the best strategy game you’ll ever encounter; a game that truly stands out. This game will keep you interested and you won’t get bored very easily.

Have complete control over your nations economy, politics and population. You can start wars with other nations, make peace treaties or fund a revolution. Keep your country stable by making good decisions in your economy and by keeping your population happy.

If your country has low happiness then you might be at risk of a revolution that can basically make you lose your progress but don’t worry, you can pay the rebels and keep them from revolting against you.

Make elaborate plans to destroy your enemies’ countries such as; funding a revolution in other countries, joining other nations to fight them and making elaborate military strategies to completely annihilate your enemy!

If all your plans and schemes fail and your enemy has almost overwhelmed you then you can make a peace treaty as a final resort. You can also send ultimatums to weaker nations to make them surrender faster. This makes you lose less of your resources and all the time it requires to conquer a country.


Don’t you want to make faster progress in your civilization and skip all the boring parts such as growing your economy, population and military? Then this mod apk has the solution as it allows you to have: unlimited money, unlimited gold and unlimited army. Furthermore, this mod apk comes with all the extra features unlocked.

If you’re having any trouble with a nation, rebels, slow economy growth or maybe you just want a faster progress then this mod has all the exciting features that you’re looking for.

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Unduh Bahasa Indonesia Apk

Age of history II bahasa indonesia apk merupakan game taktik perang. Anda wajib menggunakan taktik militer dan kontrol penuh atas ekonomi, politik, serta populasi Anda buat memenangkan permainan ini. Game ini memiliki kontrol yg simpel tetapi Bila Anda ingin menang setiap waktu, Anda akan kesulitan buat menguasainya.

Game ini hadir dengan fitur serta gameplay menarik yg menghasilkan pemain permanen penekanan serta terlibat setiap waktu.

Game Age of History bahasa indonesia version 2 Apk memiliki gameplay yang seru. Anda memiliki kerajaan dari zaman kuno hingga modern tempat Anda tumbuh, berperang, dan bersatu dengan negara lain untuk menjadi yang teratas. Selanjutnya, Anda membangun hubungan dengan negara lain dan membangun pasukan Anda. Game ini hadir dengan fitur dan gameplay menarik yang membuat pemain tetap fokus dan terlibat setiap saat.

Ini adalah versi yang benar-benar gratis di mana permainan ini disediakan dalam bahasa Indonesia.

Klik tombol unduh di bawah untuk mulai mengunduh

Ini adalah file bahasa indonesia. Anda harus menginstal file ke game Anda. Instruksi ada di file.

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