Age of History 2 has an impressive built-in editor that allows you to play in different scenarios or create your own. This great strategy game lets you control many nations and rewrite history by guiding you through various maps and simulations of past historical borders. There are many pre-existing Age of History 2 scenarios covering Ancient civilizations, World War II, the Cold War, and many more.

age of history 2 scenarios

Age of History 2 Scenarios

World War II Scenario

World War II is the most devastating War in human history that caused millions of casualties. In this Age of History 2 Scenario, players have control over one of the major countries involved in World War II such as the United States, Germany, the Soviet Union, Japan, or the United Kingdom. This scenario goes from the initial stages of the conflict to its climactic conclusion.

With this scenario, you can live through the invasion of Poland to the D-Day landing, from Stalingrad to the Pacific Theatre. Being one of the Best Age of History 2 Scenarios, It provides a blend of strategic decision-making and historical accuracy.

Mongol Empire Scenario

In this scenario, you step back in time to experience the grasslands of Central Asia and witness the rise of the Mongol Empire and Genghis Khan. In this scenario, you command the fearsome Mongolian forces capable of unparalleled conquest. Employ your strategies and adapt your tactics to unite the Mongolian forces and create an empire that stretches from Asia to Europe. Embark on a relentless journey of expansion, conquering established empires and rival tribes.

Age of Exploration Scenario

The Age of Exploration, was a period from the 1400s-1600s when Europeans began to explore the different colonies of the earth. In this scenario of Age of History 2, players have the ability to choose from Spain, England, Portugal, or other nations to set sail as a European colonial power. Players can establish colonies and manage resources to expand their influence and dominance over other nations.

Leave a mark on the history of the Age of Exploration and lay the foundation for a global empire in a never-ending conflict between European powers.

Ancient Rome Scenario

Ancient Rome Scenario of Age of History 2 transports you to the glory and grandeur of Ancient Rome. This offers you an immersive experience of Ancient Rome. Whether you decide to play in its expansionist years or take control at its highest point in history. 

In this scenario, you have a wide range of options such as expanding your territory and managing your resources, and establishing relations with other surrounding empires, starting rivalries and wars with enemy nations.

Cold War Scenario

The Cold War scenario offers the players to experience the political and ideological tension of the Cold War era. This allows you to choose from the two main superpowers of that time, the United States and the Soviet Union. Manage your politics, research, resources, and technology to engage in battles for global dominance. In the battle between capitalism and communism, decide a side and make strategies to win against your enemy.

Expanding your territory by colonizing and taking over other provinces and forging alliances with other nations is the main meta of this scenario. Use economics, politics, and military strategies to win over your opponent. But be careful and decide your strategies wisely because each choice has a huge effect on the outcome of the game.

Modern World Scenario

In this scenario of the Age of History 2 you step into the complexities of the modern world. Similar to other scenarios, you have to manage the politics, economics, and military of your nation but all that is combined with the complexities of the modern world. Additionally, the game is fun to play for people looking for summons. The complexities of our current landscape make you face many problems that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

In this scenario, you’ll form international relationships with other nations to improve your economic and military prosperity. Another concern you may face is the rebels that rise and that may lead to civil wars. So, you’ll have to invest in politics and economics to keep these difficulties away.

Here, you’ll be the leader of any modern nation you like such as the United States, Russia, or China. You can choose the easy route by making treaties and establishing good relations with other nations or choose the violent one by going to war and destroying all of your enemies.

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There are about 60+ Age of History 2 Scenarios that you can try out. Furthermore, this game has a built-in editor that lets you create scenarios of your own. You can also download scenarios that other people have created and use them in your game. These range from ancient empires to modern world nations but with the same goal of conquering other nations and becoming the strongest empire in the world.