How to Colonize in Age of History 2

A perfect strategy to conquer a difficult empire must include colonization. This technique has been used since the age of exploration. When you want to create your influence in a territory in the age of history 2, you send your population to another territory through migration. This migration helps in creating an impactful influence, benefits the economy, and can ultimately result in exploitation of the territory by the colonizing nation. 

How to Colonize in Age of History 2

Colonization in the Age of History 2 is not only about the gameplay, you also need to enable some options in the editor’s settings. So before you make colonies of your country, you’ll need to learn about both.. Let’s get to our main point on How to Colonize in Age of History 2?

Settings in Editor:

  1. Go to the scenario settings.
  2. Turn on the colonization of wasteland provinces and neural province colonization.
  3. Change the technology level for colonization to whatever you like.


Setting the technology level too low will make it easier to colonize. However, If you want a challenge, you can set it too high for exciting gameplay. Usually, it’s good to keep it in between.

The Gameplay

After you’ve completed these settings, you can go on and save the scenario. Then, you have to choose an area on the map which you’ll overrun. Typically, it’s better to choose a country that is already closer to the technology level you set because you will reach the tech level faster. It could be a whole country or a province. We would suggest you start with targeting coastal regions because most of the landmasses near water are unclaimed. These areas are also convenient for transportation of goods and your military equipment from your country.

Investing in Colonization Cost

To make colonization in the Age of History 2 even easier, you can invest in ‘colonization cost’. Maximizing this setting can make it extremely cheaper to colonize other countries. It won’t help that much but makes it a lot easier if you really like to colonize.

Investing in Research

As the technology level is directly related to how fast you can colonize, you can boost this process by investing in research. That way, your technology level will grow rapidly, and you’ll be able to colonize other nations faster.

Sending Troops

If you want to colonize a province, you need to make sure that your troops are there. Select the place you want to colonize and start sending your troops there. When your army has reached that province, press on the province. Press ‘yes’ on the colonize option. A pop-up message will appear that your colony has been founded.

Turning your colony into a Vessel

If you want to turn your colony into a vessel, follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘decisions’ and press the ‘release a vessel’ option.
  2. Select the brush icon and turn your colony into a civilization.
  3. Select a name.
  4. Press the ‘release the vessel’ option.

You’ve successfully now made this colony your vessel. You can also colonize the provinces that are surrounding your colony.