How to Cure Diseases in Age of Civilization 2?

Diseases are part of the gameplay in Age of Civilization 2. If the population of a nation gets affected, it temporarily reduces their overall stability. Diseases can happen randomly and may last throughout the whole scenario. They may start from some provinces but spread each turn as the game goes on. 

There are some diseases that only happen during specific time periods such as The Black Death (960-1820), yellow fever (5000BC-1900).

There’s no direct method to cure these diseases as there is no gameplay mechanic. But what you can do is take strategic steps to minimize their impact on your nation. So, here are some tricks to minimize the effects of diseases on your nation:

How to Cure Diseases in Age of Civilization 2?

How to Cure Diseases in Age of Civilization 2

Investing in Technology

In Age of Civilization 2, one way you can reduce the effects of diseases is by investing in technology. Investing in technology will result in the improvement of your kingdom and its military headway. If you have a good military and technology it’ll reduce overall casualties of your population and the spread of disease won’t affect you as much. Though, this method is not a direct cure this way you can provide a strong foundation for your nation.

Investing in Population

The population is another gameplay mechanic that you can use to reduce the effect of diseases. Investing in population increases population growth which in turn provides more income and increases the number of recruitable troops. If the population rises too much it may cause the stability to decrease. So, keeping the proportions in between is the best way to go.

Therefore, spending on goods to increase the population can stop your population from decreasing due to diseases.

Investing in Economy

The economy is one of the most crucial elements in Age of Civilization 2. Without investing in your economy, you can barely survive in this game let alone fight off diseases that plague your country. You can invest in economic growth with the map editor. Here are some ways you can well build your economy.

  1. You can increase the taxes to generate more income, but avoid increasing them to a level where the happiness of your nation goes down.
  2. Investing in building workshops can drastically improve your economy.
  3. You can strengthen your civilization’s economy and prevent diseases from spreading by focusing on development.
  4. Upgrade existing workshops to generate more income.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Adaptability and flexibility are of vital importance in Age of Civilization 2. Challenges such as diseases, wars, instability, rebels, and revolutions are unpredictable. So, you will need to adjust your game plan accordingly. Reduce the impact of these challenges on your nation by adjusting your population, economy, technology, and alliances accordingly.

For example, increasing your population may be good for you but when it reaches a certain level where it’s causing instability and hunger in your population might be problematic. The same is life like for all the other gameplay systems. Therefore, a responsive and flexible strategy helps in overcoming challenges such as diseases.

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In conclusion, Age of Civilization 2 doesn’t feature a direct cure for diseases, but you can utilize the above tactics to reduce the effect of diseases that may rise. Focus on building a good economy, investing in technology and population growth, and keeping a good balance to keep their effects to a minimum.