How to use the editor and create nations and maps in Age of History 2

This guide is for starters who are new to the age of history 2 and want to learn how to use editors and create a nation. Beyond creating a nation, you can add civilizations, customize flags for your nation, edit an existing flag, customize service ribbons and create your own custom templates.

How to use editor in Age of history 2?

Run the Age of history 2

First and all you need to start the game running on your desktop or laptop. When the game starts an “Editor” button should appear on the screen. Click on the Editor Button.

Run the age of history 2

Create a civilization

Once you have accessed the “Editor”,

Go Editor> Game editor> Game civilizations and Click on Add a civilization. If you have not created any civilization before, an empty list will appear with an option “Create new Civilization”. Doing this will take you to civilization editing interface.

In the Civilization editor, you need to create the following:

Name – It will be the name of your new civilization.

Customize flag – You can customize your nation’s flag (We have discussed its details below).

Civilization Color – You can select your civilization’s color for all scenarios.

Service ribbon arrows – A service ribbon color appears when you conquer a specified amount of territories in the game, you can customize this color from this menu. Finally, save your New civilization.

Customize your nation’s flag

The flag customization menu is a very interesting and detailed interface. Lets see how we can customize the flag with the provided option in the editor.

Change  background color:

You can change the background color of your flag by clicking on the pre-completed flag in the customization menu.

Or you can go to the Flags folder and select the flag you want to edit and open it with any paint program on your PC. Edit and save with your exact bundle property of the flag.

How to create map using map editor

  • Download the map editor by clicking here.
  • Clear every data.
  • Create bg.png.
  • Create a province.
  • Copy the province you created  into a new folder in which all PROV data will be stored. Note: All province files are named as PROV.
  • Rename 1st province with name 0 and 1,2 and 3 to next with sequence.
  • Go to steamapps > common > ageofhistory2 > map. Then rename and copy template an empty “cities” folder.
  • Copy config.json file with the following and change values.
    Map: [
        {             MapName: “%Mapname%”,
            Author: “%Yournickname%”,
            BackgroundName: “%bgname%”,
            ContinentsPackage: “Earth6”
            RegionsPackage: “Earth_AoC2”,
            NumberOfProvinces: %numberofprovinces%,
            MapScale: 3,
            WorldMap: true,
            Scenario: “testScenario”,
            Wiki: “Wikipedia:Unusual_articles”
         Age_of_Civilizations: Map
  • Make sure to name the background files as  %bgname%_L and %bgname%_R.
  • go back to map destination on device and add following line to make game read that map:
    Map: [
        {             Folder: “Earth”
        {             Folder: “Ashan”
        {             Folder: “Earth_AoC1”
        { Folder: “Kepler”
        {             Folder: “template”
        { Folder: “%mapname%”
         Age_of_Civilizations: Maps

The game is ready to play.