Rebels sometimes play a supreme role in Age of Civilization 2 for a player. Rebels can impact a civilization’s political stability, can harm the economic and diplomatic progress, ultimately causing a player to fail in the gameplay. Let’s find out What are Rebels in Age of Civilization 2 and how they can impact you within the gameplay.

What are Rebels in Age of Civilization 2?

Rebels are small groups who arise within a country against the government. The causes of opposition can vary depending on your settings in the game. The main reason behind the rise of rebels in AOC 2 is the low score of happiness in your country. Low score of happiness is directly related to how much taxes you’ve imposed, unbalanced economic conditions, exhaustion caused by frequent war, or opposition between different groups of population.

What are Rebels in Age of Civilization 2?

How to stop Rebels?

Stopping rebellions in Age of civilization 2 game is directly impractical, but you can take some measures which can ultimately do the job. The first step you can take is to perceive what is causing the formation of rebels. Once you’re aware of the specific reason, take actions to dump the causes from your governance. If the group is oppressed, make policies for the betterment of their lifestyle and give them their rights. These actions can lead towards the rectification of political conditions inside your civilization.

The second option is to use your military power to eliminate this threat from the country. You can send troops to weaken them or declare a battle with them to completely make them vanish.

If you prefer not to rely solely on military force, diplomatic resources can be utilized to resolve issues with rebel groups, there are possibilities that you can create peace treaties with the group by meeting their demands. 

A low happiness score is an outcome when your civilization’s economy isn’t stable or your income production and spendings are not balanced. This is the root cause of frustration and anger in the public. You should focus on resolving these issues by strategic planning and noticeable progress within a given period. 

If you’re successful in creating a stable environment throughout your kingdom. The rebellion groups harming your progress will start vanishing from your territories. 

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How to use Rebels in Age of Civilization 2?

When it comes to using rebels, you’re also not directly in control of it. There are different outcomes which you can expect if you tackle them strategically. One of the indirect benefits you can acquire through rebels is to stamp them out using your army to preserve the economy, political surroundings, and the negatively affected locale of your civilization.

What are Rebels in Age of Civilizations II

Another indirect benefit is acquiring the land which is in control of the rebellions. If you get a chance, don’t wait a second to make a deal with rebellions whether it’s to fulfill their demand or to sign a peace treaty with them. If they agree to make a deal, the land will again become your territory and the negative activities will also be stopped.

How to make Rebels more powerful?

There is no option in the menu to allocate or hold the power of rebels in AOC2. However, it is still possible through implementing heavy tax settings, decreasing income production through spending more, and taking part in wars and international conflicts. These actions will ultimately destabilize the empire, resulting in the empowerment of rebels in the gameplay. 

Pros and Cons of Rebels:


  • It is an amazing experience to tackle rebels in the games for those playing the game for challenges and testing their strategic abilities.
  • Conquering rebellions can empower your influence in the country and as well as in your border countries as defeating these groups isn’t an easy task most of the time.


  • Rebellions can lead to poor political and economic circumstances.
  • Rebels can lead the player toward losing his territories.
  • These groups are in opposition to the current government and can impact how a government influences its population. 
  • You’ll have to spend more on your military upkeep to oppose the rebels.
  • Presence of rebels in a country can harm relations with other countries. Rebels are seen as a sign of internal depravity like corruption, violation of public rights etc.